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Photo of Kee's room

Singapore West

Furnished room with own bathroom in a condo

่”กๅŽๆธฏๅ…ฌๅฏ“Palm Gardens Condominiumไธปไบบๆˆฟๅ‡บ็งŸ, ๆœˆ็งŸ S$1250ไธๅŒ…ๆฐด็”ต็ฝ‘๏ผŒ9ๆœˆๅˆๅฏไปฅๅ…ฅไฝใ€‚ Accessibility: 1ๅˆ†้˜ๆญฅ่กŒๅˆฐKeat Hong LRT็ซ™๏ผŒ ๅ…ฉไธช็ซ™ๅˆฐ่”กๅŽๆธฏๅœฐ้“็ซ™...

Room near: Singapore Central Singapore, Singapore South West, Singapore North West, Singapore Central & Singapore North.

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