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Photo of Matthew


18 years · Male · BSc Hospitality (EHL) Student


When it comes to living at a place, it is sacred. I respect people’s privacy as I also want them to respect mine. I like to keep the place i sleep in clean and tidy.

Roommate looking in: Singapore River & Orchard.


40 years · Male · Interior designer


Hi, I am  a single local male professional had been working in Japan for a few years and posted back to Singapore much earlier not recently. Am a interior designer by profession. I am looking for a room to rent  as I am in the midst of purchasing a flat.Looking to start IMMEDIATE.I do not cook a...

Roommate looking in: Singapore River.

Photo of YM


38 years · Female · Brand management


[2025 Dec Team up mission] Hi I’m Yee ming!👋🏼 I keep my space to myself, but fun to go grab a drink or random hang outs! I’m pretty calm, chill yet clean (surges OCD occasionally🫨) and I expect mates i live with are the same. 📍In Singapore since end 2021 staying in CBD and i enjoy meeting ne...

Roommate looking in: Singapore River, Newton, Central, Bukit Timah, Central, Outram, Central & Tanglin, Central.

Photo of Farhat


29 years · Female · Senior Associate, Media and Digital Measurement


I'm a Market Research professional and have been in Singapore 13 years now :) I'm an easy going person. I respect other people's space as much as I like mine respected! I love making new friends and have a lively environment around me. Would prefer to be able to cook (and share the food of course).

Roommate looking in: Singapore River & Singapore.

Photo of Kevan


24 years · Male · SMU University Student, Data Scientist


hi there 👋 I’m a final year computing student at SMU from Indonesia! I’m a neat freak and always clean up after myself in shared spaces so don’t worry your room will always be pristine :) On my free time I enjoy reading novels, watching indie films and going for Muay Thai 🥊 and Yoga 🧘‍♀️ classes...

Roommate looking in: Singapore River & Singapore.

Photo of Camille


18 years · Female · Waitress


My name is Camille, I’m a French student and I will come to Singapour to do a training period from may to the July (3months) so I’m looking for a share flat with kind roommates :)

Roommate looking in: Singapore River.

Photo of YJ


25 years · Female · Content designer


About me: Hi, I'm YJ. I'm, Korean American and currently live in Seoul. I'm relocating to Singapore for work in January. Looking for nice, fun roomies that I can occasionally hang out with after work. 🍸I like board games, coffee, wine, and wandering new neighborhoods. I keep my space tidy and lik...

Roommate looking in: Tanjong Pagar, Little India, Central, Singapore River & Chinatown.

Photo of Bridget


24 years · Female · Consultant


I’m a pharma consultant working and living in Singapore. I am adventurous but reserved, and have had my fair share of awful housing experiences so I’m very mindful to be an excellent housemate! Looking to share accommodation with others who prefer clean, cosy and homey environments.

Roommate looking in: Newton, Central, Orchard, Singapore River & River Valley, Central.

Photo of Joline


21 years · Female · Student


Hey, I am Jo and am looking for a place to live for studying abroad. My home country is Germany and I speak German, Polish, English and a little bit Italian. I love to do different kind of sports and I could cook and bake all the time in stressful times.

Roommate looking in: Singapore River, Rochor & Marine Parade.

Photo of Fabian


26 years · Male · researcher (law)


Hey there 😊 I'm a 26-year-old German who will soon be taking up a position as a Research Associate at NUS. This will be my first time living in Singapore, but I've had experience in very different living situations in the Netherlands, Germany, Russia and Belgium. I'm a friendly and outgoing pers...

Roommate looking in: Bukit Merah, Newton, Singapore River, River Valley & Orchard.

Photo of Jiyeon


26 years · Female · Tattoo artist/ shop manager


I’m a korean tattoo studio manager/ tattoo artist. I am planning to stay in Singapore for a long term with a work visa sponsorship. I am 💚Fluent in English and Korean/ can speak Japanese a little bit. ☘️I have a 7yrs old Russian Blue cat who’s super friendly and chill. 🌿Clean and tidy (whic...

Roommate looking in: Bukit Merah, Central, Kallang, Central, Novena, Central, Queenstown, Central & Singapore River.

Photo of Joern


40 years · Male · Chartering Manager


Hi, my name is Joern, 40 years old from Germany. I am an expat in Singapore for over 6 years. I am working for an international cooperation here in Singapore. I would describe myself as a friendly, chilled, nice, practical, down to earth person, who is open minded and who likes to make new conne...

Roommate looking in: Singapore River & River Valley, Central.

Photo of Hugo


35 years · Male · Ship Broker


I’m 35 year old Englishman who has just moved to Singapore. Have lived on my own for the past few years in London however it feels like the right time to branch out and be social! I’m extremely tidy and work long hours for work so will be extremely low maintenance. Have always gotten on well with gi...

Roommate looking in: Rochor, Newton, Outram, Central, Singapore River & Tanglin.

Photo of Millie


25 years · Female · Healthcare


Hi, I am looking for a room around the central area ideally with a pool and a balcony. I am a very tidy person who likes to keep everything clean. I enjoy outdoors and wine. I currently love where I live however the landlord wants to sell therefore myself and my current roommate are looking for a ne...

Roommate looking in: Newton, Central, Singapore River, River Valley, Novena & Orchard.

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