Photo of Ryhana


26 years · Female · Student


Incoming MSc Statistics student at NUS. Local Singaporean but have grown up overseas for quite a while so I’m very social and appreciative of other cultures. Am muslim so I’ll mostly be eating halal food, but I’m tolerant of other religions

Roommate looking in: Clementi, West & Queenstown, Central.

Photo of Jong Hak

Jong Hak

30 years · Male · PhD Student


Hi everyone! I'm Jonghak from South Korea. I'm a PhD student at NUS who loves keeping a room clean and tidy. Having multiple experiences in living together with friends, I am well aware of boundaries and etiquettes of co-living. Depending on whom you prefer as a housemate, I can be either an aff...

Roommate looking in: Bishan & Clementi, West.

Photo of Ryan Adam Bin Abu Hassan

Ryan Adam Bin Abu Hassan

30 years · Male · Student


Im a student again at 30. I just got displaced (by my own inability to fathom the way im treated) because i realised my queerness is an ammunition for my own family. So yay let's trauma bond! Im also broke since I just got back to school but im responsible enough to look for a part time gig to pay t...

Roommate looking in: Clementi, West.

Photo of Larasati


28 years · Female · Senior Aircraft Engineer


Clean and friendly roomies, who appreciate other privacy. Roomies who had schedule in charge to clean up the shared kitchen and bathroom.

Roommate looking in: Clementi, West.

Photo of Hannah


30 years · Female · Teacher


I have a fairly busy schedule with teaching. But I enjoy reading and taking walks outside. I also think direct and respectful communication can solve most problems.

Roommate looking in: Clementi, West.

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