Photo of Kai


23 years · Female · Pet Groomer


easy going person who loves all pets! I do pet grooming fulltime, and i have 2 lovely small dogs with me! Ideally prefer to have visitors allowed as well as simple cooking (i'm not much of a cook myself), i keep my space neat and clean and i'm very organized. Open to teaming up with to other like mi...

Roommate looking in: Singapore, North.

Photo of Weeling


37 years · Female · Professional


Hi everyone, I'm a single female with a bunny looking for a room for rental. I'm easy going, friendly and flexible. Hope we can create friendship under the same roof

Roommate looking in: Singapore, North.

Photo of Momo


24 years · Female · Student


I have a small parrot, I am a student who is from China , have stayed in sg for 3 years, my English is native / bilingual level so no communication issues . Im also an artist so will need space to put my artworks sometimes . Easy going person for sure .

Roommate looking in: Singapore, North.

Photo of calvin


47 years · Male · Photogrpaher


I have a dog and 3 birds. I'm pretty open and easy to live with. I usually just mind my own business.

Roommate looking in: Singapore, North.

Photo of Yidong


22 years · Male · Student


Hello I’m a Indonesian Chinese PR ! I’m a first year uni student! I have a dog with me and I’m open to taking up and renting a whole house ! LMK if you are interested ! Thank you dog lovers 🥺 Looking to rent near the west if possible thank you

Roommate looking in: Singapore, North.

Photo of Samantha


39 years · Female · product development, local tech startup


I work from home 9 to 6pm on weekdays, chilling with my dog or heading out on weekends. I'm very clean and tidy. My dog (adopted, Singapore Special) is also very quiet and laid-back. I also make a wicked pasta carbonara. Looking for roomies who also enjoy peace and quiet, are ok with having a (very...

Roommate looking in: Singapore, North.

Photo of Renz


32 years · Male · Senior research associate


We are a young married couple looking for a place to stay in SG. We have a small pet dog with us.

Roommate looking in: Singapore, North.

Photo of Rudy


32 years · Male · Human Resource


We're a lively vibrant local Singapore couple with a lovely cat and dog looking for an accommodation for a month and a half!

Roommate looking in: Singapore, North.

Photo of Eileen


35 years · Female · Project coordinator


Our new home are under renovation and need a place to stay. We have a 2.5 year old toy poodles

Roommate looking in: Singapore, North.

Photo of praveen


50 years · Male · 1 month


I am waiting for EP to come. Until then I want live with my wife in a neat place with good mannered flat mates couples preffered. I have a wonderful Golden retriever who is very friendly and loving. No barking.

Roommate looking in: Central, South East & Singapore, North.

Photo of Vicky


29 years · Female · Sales Manager


Looking for a pet lover or friendly roommate to share a condo unit with me located at Yishun. During free time, I will walk my Pomeranian and spend time with him. I active in playing badminton, enjoys sea breeze, hiking and diving too. Pm me if you're interested in teaming-ups.

Roommate looking in: Singapore, North & Singapore, Central.

Photo of Katrina


34 years · Female · Spa therapist


I am working and studying in Singapore and would like somewhere to live with me and my small loveable dog

Roommate looking in: Singapore, North.


32 years · Female · Freelance Recruiter/Student


I'm a Singapore PR, a INFJ introvert with two lovely dogs, a Terrier and a ShihTzu mix Terrier, trained to live in apartment and condo environment ever since they were adopted. My husband is shifting to Malaysia. I am looking for a place to rent only for myself and the two dogs that I have rescued a...

Roommate looking in: Central, West, South East & Singapore, North.

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