Photo of Nanda


20 years · Female · Student


Hi! I'm Nanda, I'm a 20-year-old international student in LASALLE majoring in Film. I'm looking for cooperative, friendly roommates. I plan to move in August. In my free time, I like to watch movies, write, and maybe explore the area since I'm new here. I'm super flexible when it comes to roommat...

Roommate looking in: Novena, Newton, Bukit Timah, Tanglin & River Valley.

Photo of Kia


33 years · Male · Nightlife


Singaporean male, 34, postgraduate, in the nightlife sector, and my partner, who's in the F&B sector, are on the hunt for a common room or roomies to team up with (for the next 12 months) Our schedules are a bit like a roller coaster—thanks to our odd working hours, you'll find us around till midday...

Roommate looking in: Newton, Central, Rochor, Chinatown & Geylang, Central.

Photo of Blandine


23 years · Female · Student


Hi ! I'm from France and I will start my PhD from the beginning of August and for 4 years. I would like to be near Novena MRT station or the red line (1 or 2 MRT station from Novena). It's useless to send me a message if your room is out of my budget, thank you

Roommate looking in: Outram, Central, Rochor, Newton & Novena.

Photo of Ifwat


32 years · Male · Fireman


I work 10 days a month or I sometimes a month long take vacation. Looking for good vibes all around with people who enjoys being with the best company. If you like to host parties, have your m8s over, cook, clean, bake or even have your alone time in solitude at your own comfort, feel free to dro...

Roommate looking in: River Valley, Central, Rochor, Chinatown, Tanjong Pagar & Orchard.


27 years · Female · Auditor


Hi! I am single women looking for single room and a friendly person!

Roommate looking in: Rochor.


55 years · Female · professor


I am a visiting professor from the US. I am a quiet, easy going, and responsible professional. I will have my husband visiting me here and there up to 6 weeks during my stay. But I will also travel here and there. I am looking for a room with a private bathroom.

Roommate looking in: Singapore River, Rochor, Museum, Orchard & Marina South, Central.


26 years · Female · Teacher


I’m very organized and maintain a clean living space, which creates a comfortable and tidy environment for everyone

Roommate looking in: Rochor & Yishun.


18 years · Female · Student


I am introverted and will always be in my bedroom.

Roommate looking in: Rochor.

Photo of Holly


26 years · Female · IT


Moved to Singapore a little over a year ago and looking for a new place to live. Rarely work from home and very clean and tidy. I enjoy socialising but also my own space during the week.

Roommate looking in: River Valley, Central, Rochor & Tanjong Pagar.

Photo of Ashley


27 years · Male · Investment Analyst


Hi! I'm Ashley, a 27-year-old Investment Analyst working at a major energy firm, and I have a flexible work arrangement that brings me into the office three days a week. I value cleanliness and tidiness but am not overly particular. I lead an active lifestyle, hitting the gym daily, and playing base...

Roommate looking in: Bukit Timah, Central, Rochor, Serangoon, Newton, Central & River Valley, Central.

Photo of Juline


39 years · Female · Professional


Easy going, neat and tidy, looking for 3-9 months, need quiet space, respectful roomies. Prefer house sharing in landed property with private bathroom, furnished or unfurnished. Room can fit queen-sized bed with wardrobe and study desk. Within 10-mins walk to MRT, preferably in the East. Working-f...

Roommate looking in: Rochor & Bedok.


26 years · Male · Project Coordinator


I value solitude, introspection, and simplicity. Some activities I enjoy doing include reading, stretching, listening to lectures, and sometimes just doing nothing at all. I am also very conscious of my external environment which makes me responsible for tidiness and cleanliness. As you can tell, ha...

Roommate looking in: Little India, Central, Rochor & Geylang, Central.


32 years · Male · Distribution Operations Specialist


I'm a friendly, chill, artistic, and fun individual!

Roommate looking in: Rochor.

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