Photo of Mas


24 years · Female · Freelance, Film & TV coordinator, Student


I bring great energy and am well-trained (haha). Lived on my own before and looking to do it again :-) Project-based work: schedules are erratic and hope my flatmates are okay with me coming and going at odd hours.

Roommate looking in: Central, North-East, South East, North & Singapore, Central.

Photo of CS


29 years · Male · Energy industry


Malaysian Chinese professionals looking for a housemate to move in with us. The unit is located in North East/Central East. I’ve lived abroad for over 5 years. I'm pretty chill and easy-going. I’m clean and respectful of other people’s space. Wouldn’t mind hanging with my housemates having a drink o...

Roommate looking in: South East, North-East & Central.

Photo of Ying


28 years · Female · IT Service Lead


I'm an IT working in Singapore and am looking for a roommate (female) to team up and find a whole unit together. I will bring my cat to Singapore this/next year so ideally someone who's not allergic to cats. (I'm allergic to cats though but..!) I'm speak Mandarin, English, Japanese, and a bit of...

Roommate looking in: North-East, Central, South East & North.

Photo of Tashini Lilee

Tashini Lilee

26 years · Female · Cabin Crew


Looking for a place to stay in East Singapore (Tampines, Pasir Ris, Simei, Bedok, Changi). I am an easy-going Malaysian from Kuala Lumpur, with Indian and chinese background. I was previously employed with AirAsia in a corporate role ( Content, Social Media & Marketing) for almost 2 years. Now...

Roommate looking in: South East & North-East.

Photo of Aprup


18 years · Male · Student at NUS


I'm an incoming freshman at NUS. I'm a friendly person. I personally maintain hygeine and expect only that much from a roomie. I play tennis and gym, when I'm not studying.

Roommate looking in: North, North-East, South East & Central.

Photo of Zala P.

Zala P.

40 years · Female · Business Owner


Looking for a nice place in a condo with a pool in East Coast, preferably Katong. I am looking for a quiet and clean place.

Roommate looking in: South East.

Photo of Hardy


29 years · Male · Supervisor


Hi there, I'm looking for a place to called my own or shared with other roomies by renting a flat out tgt. A clean introvert person who takes care of himself and is trying to make a living by doing what I love too Does not mind if you have pets as I love them. Looking to move by the end of th...

Roommate looking in: South East & Singapore, Central.

Photo of Ian


28 years · Male · Teacher


Hi there, looking for a place to rent in the central and north east areas. Just moved back from Melbourne Australia and hope to meet new people. Privacy is of utmost importance to me and you can be ensured that the same will be shown for you. I am always down to chill, dine, have fun with my flatmat...

Roommate looking in: South East, Central & North-East.

Photo of Lucas


26 years · Male · Technology analyst


My name is Lucas, I am a technology analyst and have been living in Singapore for 1.5 years. I am looking for a unit to share with another flatmate. Looking to move on 5th of September with some flexibilities. I am a very friendly and easy going swiss guy. I am clean, respectful of privacy and o...

Roommate looking in: Central & South East.

Photo of Emi


27 years · Female · IT Project Consultant


Local Singaporean. Been living alone/with housemates for about 5 years now. When I'm not busy working, I'm either hardcore gaming, binging the best crime series on Netflix or having dinner with friends. I love the beach, so you're likely to find me there on the weekends. I'm clean, introverte...

Roommate looking in: South East & Central.

Photo of Samuel


33 years · Male · Psychologist


Hello! I'm a Singaporean looking to rent a room or an entire unit to share. I am a working professional in the government. I am chill, neat, tidy, and a homebody. I am respectful of privacy though it'll be fun to hang out over a couple of drinks too. I have 2 cats and I love gardening and keeping pl...

Roommate looking in: South East & Singapore, Central.

Photo of Selva


39 years · Male · IT Professional


A clean, quiet and responsible professional, looking for a fully furnished master bedroom with ensuite bathroom or common room with private bathroom(preferably in condo). My move in date is flexible anytime from early April. Open to team up. I prefer to cook for myself as i'm on low carb diet an...

Roommate looking in: South East, North-East & Singapore, Central.

Photo of Vardaan


27 years · Male · Graduate Student


Hi I am Vardaan, a PhD (Economics) student at SMU. I am from New Delhi, India but have been here in Singapore for more than 3 years. I am an avid football (Gooner, living on the edge!), Formula 1 and tennis fan. I enjoy running, doing yoga, taking long walks, etc. I can cook pretty good Indian f...

Roommate looking in: West, South East, North-East, Central & Singapore, Central.

Photo of Paula & Alaster

Paula & Alaster

33 years · Other · Designer


Hi! We are a couple professional looking for a room somewhere in the East or Northeast. We are easy going, quite and respects privacy of others. Please hit us a message if our profile fits with yours. Thanks!

Roommate looking in: South East.

Photo of Prabu


28 years · Male · Chef


I'm a chef, usually working pretty long hours. Looking to share space with individuals that are about sharing life experiences and creating new ones. Both a couch potato & an overly spontaneous, unpredictable person by nature. Down to chill & hang out over games, drinks, wholesome HTHT but also...

Roommate looking in: North-East, South East & Central.

Photo of Nat

Nat & K

20 & 25 years · Friends · Student


Hi! I'm currently looking for other roomies with 1 friend! I’m currently working part time while studying full time and my friend is working full time. We prefer a flat in the northeast area, but anywhere that’s not too far west or east is fine. We don’t have any pets and we would like to cook i...

Roommate looking in: North-East, Central, South East & Singapore, North.

Photo of Ayush


28 years · Male · Professional Filmmaker


I'm Ayush from India, and this is my 2nd year in Singapore. I'm a Filmmaker / IT Professional and working for LucasFilm. I'm Vegetarian , Friendlly, Clean and fun loving person. Looking for awesome people for Team up or a septate room in a shared apartment in Condo/HDB with cooking allowed....

Roommate looking in: Serangoon, Queenstown, Central, Singapore, North, North-East & South East.

Photo of rina


24 years · Female · Student


Hi! I'm a female Malaysian Chinese in her 20s. I'm currently a nursing student here in Singapore and am looking for a room that is on the green line. Overall, I would say I'm pretty chill, friendly and don't mind pets. I rarely cook (even if i do cook it's mostly light cooking) and in general am...

Roommate looking in: South East & Central.

Photo of TJ


25 years · Male · Healthcare Software


I've been living in Singapore for almost three years now. I work a 9-6 job, so no weird hours. Looking for 1 or 2 roommates also in their twenties. Looking to move before the end of the year

Roommate looking in: South East.

Photo of Hanee


26 years · Male · Business Development Exec


Hey there, my name Is Hanee (Pronounced like Honey!) A little bit about me: Born in Singapore and raised in LA, I'm African American mixed Eurasian, now a working professional here in SG A little about myself: I'm a reliable and working professional, I love dancing, am a complete weeb and p...

Roommate looking in: North-East, Singapore, North, South East & West.

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